United Arab Emirates Cement
Trass cement (TC 32.5)(CEM II/B-P 32.5 R) Clinker Grinding Plant

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A hydraulic cement produced by milling 80-60 parts (by weight) of Portland cement clinker together with a corresponding amount (20-40 parts) of trass (TS 25) and a quantity of gypsum.

It conforms to TS 26.

It is used in dams, foundation concretes, and tunnel construction works as it is highly resistant to alkali, salt, and aggressive water; in block concrete construction works where the hydration temperature must be rapid; in the construction of agricultural and industrial facilities.

Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials
 10th Middle East CemenTrade, 05-06 Oct, 2015, Dubai
 17th Asia CemenTrade Summit 20-21 Oct, 2015 - Bali


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